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Why Is IGCC Offering A Mentorship Program?

Enhancing and Inspiring Goalkeeper Coaches and Goalkeeping Education have always been the driving forces behind The IGCC.   For Goalkeeper Coaches there are many different philosophies and methodologies and these are constantly changing and evolving as the game itself changes.

As a coach, the most important resource you have is yourself and, as a coach, you MUST invest in your craft.  But how do you evolve without guidance and without a pathway in Goalkeeping education?
Our Mentorship Program is designed to develop, teach and inspire Coaches of the Goalkeeping Position who are passionate about what they do.  Coaches will be encouraged to have an open mindset as they will be exposed to new ideas and new philosophies that stretch the norm of Goalkeeping Education.

In the absence of a Goalkeeping Pathway, we are offering an opportunity to be mentored by our Director, Phil Wheddon. The mentorship is not a periodic “touching base” it is an investment from both parties to work together to help to maximize your potential as a coach.  As a member of the Mentorship Program, you will be challenged as a coach and as a person.  You will be exposed to information and ideas that will enhance the WHY and HOW behind what you do and who you are.

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What is included?


If you are interested in YOUR development and are looking to inspire the goalkeepers you work with through your own self growth, our Mentorship Program could be a great investment for you.

What does it cost?

(Minimum 6 months commitment)

This opportunity is limited to a select few and is a 12 month program with a minimum investment of 6 months.


Avery K.

Hey Phil. I would once again like to say thank you for all the time that you invested in me as a coach and an individual. Over the past year my training environment has positively changed each week due to our many conversations as coaches and through assignments. You have taught me how to remain professional as a coach, how to raise the standard and constantly challenge myself daily to be better. All of the bahamian goalkeepers have benefitted from this mentorship by the new ideas that i have brought out to the training ground through networking and connecting with all of those fine gentlemen. They will always remain close to me. And even though the program has come to a close….for me, the mentorship from you never stops! At some point, i would like to either coach in the mls or another major league in europe, so i realise that there is alot of work to be done and patience is required as well. Once again,thank you for your time because it was a privilege connecting with a coach of your caliber!

– Avery K.
Goalkeeper Coach
Bahamas National Team

Wezly B.

The IGCC Mentorship program is great for goalkeeper coaches who want to improve both on
and off the field. The yearlong program with Phil Wheddon has helped in the areas of discovery,
change, and growth. It includes topics such as session design, planning and execution, analysis,
team building, collaboration, film review, and relationship building.

I really enjoyed filming and discussing training sessions. Having Phil and the group to give
feedback was extremely helpful and encouraged more attention to detail when reviewing
sessions. Working with the group and collaborating with the other goalkeeper coaches allowed
us to share ideas, give feedback, learn from each other, and most importantly build
relationships. The group was supportive when we were in vulnerable situations which helped us
build confidence with our ideas.

Phil encouraged us to always think about why we are doing something, whether it is a training
session, coaching point, or advice. If we know our why, then we are in the best position to be
able to positively impact the lives of others through coaching and sharing information.

– Wezly B.
Director of Goalkeeping
NCFC Youth



The IGCC Mentorship Program was an incredible opportunity to attain knowledge regarding the goalkeeping position. The chance to meet with one of the best goalkeeper coaches in the world multiple times a month throughout the course of one year has proven extremely beneficial in my coaching career. Phil’s guidance and tutelage has been instrumental in my ascension over the last year. Taking into consideration how limited goalkeeper coach education is in the United States, the IGCC Mentorship Program does a phenomenal job in thoroughly preparing goalkeeper coaches around the world to maximize their potential on and off the field. I would definitely recommend this program to every and any goalkeeper coach out there looking to become the best version of themselves.

– Miguel
Unmatched Performance

Joshua L.

The IGCC Mentorship Program is an excellent opportunity to grow as a coach. Phil is an extremely detail-orientated, professional leader that provides specific feedback on ways to improve session preparation, methodology, and communication. Moreover, this program will help you understand the why behind what you do. Overall, the IGCC Mentorship Program was a great opportunity to learn and grow as a coach thanks Phil!

– Joshua L.
Goalkeeping 365

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